Welcome to our Activities!


Ireland-India Council (IIC) regularly organise events to facilitate its members to provide a platform to interact with similar companies, members, industry associations or Irish and Indian authorities. These events provide an opportunity to share experiences and learn from each other's successes and failures as well as establish new business contacts and learn about new business opportunities.


We invite speakers with business, industry, management, diplomatic sector to speak and discuss on relevant topics, be it the historical connections, financial investment, intercultural cooperation or typical obstacles of doing business in India or Ireland etc. Presentations are followed by interactive sessions, discussions and information exchange.

Summer Lecture

Once a year, members are invited to a lecture by an important dignitary from India or Ireland. This event is held in every summer and used as a policy advocacy platform for Irish Indian relations.


We organize Irish-India delegations with participants from various industries and universities as well as meetings and events in India and Ireland to initiate the contact between counterpart companies, organisations and institutions. As a member, this is the ideal opportunity for you to meet your potential partners in India & Ireland.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Every year we invite our members to the AGM, It is a unique opportunity for our members to participate and contribute to the governance of the council.

Cultural Events and Festival Celebrations

While introducing with Indian cultural tradition in Ireland, the IIC organises Indian festivals and St. Patricks Day at different places in Ireland. These events are fun events which provide opportunities for inter-cultural familiarisations, where entertainment goes hand-in-hand with business opportunities. All members are invited.