The Ireland India Council (IIC) estimates that, there are over twenty five thousand members of Indian community in the Republic of Ireland and also over 1100 members of Indian community living in Northern Ireland. Central Statistic Office of Ireland recorded that 8329.00 Indian nationals are living in the Ireland in 2006. Perhaps 91520 individuals living in Ireland but they are born in India.

During the first 50 years of last century only a small number of Indian students came to Ireland, mainly to study and most returned back to India after completing their courses. By 1970 over a dozen of Indians migrated to Ireland and some of these individual migrated through colonial links. Between 1970 and 1990, approximately 100 medical doctors came to Ireland to work in Irish hospitals; however, because of limited career opportunities and a lack of provision for family reunification most of these Doctors either went back to India or further migrated to the United States, United Kingdom or Canada. Growth in the size of Indian community in Ireland between 1990 and 2007 were much greater and mirrored with the growth of Irish economy and opening of Ireland for foreign workers and professionals. Since early 2008 the number of Indians coming to Ireland is continued to decline primarily because of economic slowdown in Irish economy and recently due to changes in immigration rules for green cards and work permits.

Members of Indian community in Ireland concentrated in greater Dublin region. Indeed about 68% members of Indian community live in greater Dublin area and approximately 32% live throughout the Country.

Prior to 1990’s most of the Indian settlers came to Ireland from northern India, particularly the Indian states of Punjab and Gujarat. During the Celtic tiger era of Ireland Indians came to Ireland are extremely varied in terms of religion and languages, Indian Community in Ireland practice almost every religion of the world and they speak many languages. However Hindi and English are main languages of communication.

The employment profile of the present Indian community in Ireland is more diversified than any other ethnic minorities in Ireland. In 2007 4068 Indians was approved for the work permits, they were on the on the top for getting work permits in Ireland the next ethnic minorities was Pilipino with 3885 work permits and third was the South Africans with 1461 work permits. In particular, initial Indian involvement with the clothing has continued apace, while many members of Indian community operating family run small businesses, retails, IT firms, Exporting and Importing of goods and services and also engaged in real estate, construction and manufacturing sectors.

Since last 10 years, Indian involvement in the catering industry has significantly increased as Indians opened Indian restaurants with it demand for authentic Indian food is increasing in indigenous population. Indians are also prominent in Information Technology, Medical and Health Care, Research and Innovation and in education.

Student Support

Ireland-India Council working together with Irish Education, Universities and colleges to develop a support mechanism for Indian students in Ireland in persuasion of their studies. It is also supported through internship program, information session & workshops to familiarize Indian students to understand Irish system.

For further details you may contact to our student's services advisor at

Community Support

In the field of Immigration and Integration Ireland-India Council closely works with government agencies, Non Governmental Organizations like Immigrant Council of Ireland, Integrating Ireland and with a network of ethnic groups to provide information services and assist with practical solutions to the Indians living in Ireland. For the services our Community Support Advisor Mr. Jai Shukla may be contacted at iic email

Intercultural Familiarization

IIC provide intercultural familiarization about Indian culture, literature, history and other areas of interest to the Indigenous Irish community, school and colleges for further information our Intercultural advisors may be contacted at

Project "Integrating Indians"

On 30 January, 2007 in Dublin the project 'Integrating Indians' was inaugurated by Ms. Liz O'Donnell TD and Deputy Leader of Progressive Democrats, this project designed to bring the Irish-Indian community together, through comprehensive and sustainable efforts. The second objective of the project is to assist in the integration of the Indian community in Ireland, both with indigenous Irish and the other multicultural communities in the State. The third objective of the project is to actively link this community with its greater Diaspora, benefiting not only the Indian Diaspora in Ireland, but also society in general through its entrepreneurship, investment and professional skills. This is aimed at developing the capacities of Indian professionals to equally engage in and draw upon their networks and structures in the workplace and in local communities. To know More about the project and to participate in the program you may please contact to Mr. Prashant Shukla at