Welcome to FAQ!

1. What is Ireland-India Council (IIC)?
Ireland-India Council (IIC) is an Independent organisation established to enhance economic and cultural relations between the people and Institutions of Ireland and India. IIC provide a platform for exchange of ideas for academics, media, and public and private organisations in the field of Irish-Indian relations and also work to integrate and facilitate to the Indians living in Ireland.

2. How do I join the Ireland-India Council?
Any mature (major) individual who believes in IIC aims and objectives may print and mail the completed membership application form to:
9 Russell Crescent,
Russell Square,

3. How soon after I apply I will receive confirmation of my membership?
You will receive your membership acknowledgement approximately in two weeks time from when we receive your application. It will include a membership certificate and information pack. Time to time we will also inform you about our programmes and events.

4. What is the difference between annual membership and life membership?
Annual members pay dues yearly to retain an active membership and benefits. Life members pay for a lifetime of membership with the IIC all at once payment.

5. What is corporate membership?
Corporate membership is for the business companies, public and private institutions.

6. What is student membership?
Any student may become the IIC member and it has various benefits, for further details you please check students section in IIC website.

7. How do I find out what is new with IIC?
To keep informed about the latest news and announcements from the IIC, you should subscribe our mailing list. This is a one-way distribution list for official IIC announcements, requests for volunteers, pending Board motions, and other items of interest would be available to IIC members.