Forging Connections Between India and Ireland -
Empowering Global Opportunities and Cultural Exchange

Welcome to the India Ireland Council, where we bridge the dynamic landscapes of India and Ireland through unparalleled business connections, cultural celebrations, and educational partnerships. Join our thriving community and unlock a world of opportunities.

Connecting India and Ireland - Connecting Businesses for a Prosperous Future

At the India Ireland Council (IIC), we are dedicated to assisting our members in establishing crucial business links. Through our well-organized events and meetings, we facilitate meaningful interactions between interested businesses, ensuring that your enterprise finds the right partners and opportunities to thrive.

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Enhancing Business Development Across Borders


Intensify your business development prospects with the IIC. We leverage the collective strength of the Indian and Irish business communities to foster significant commercial growth. Our network provides a robust platform for collaboration, innovation, and mutual success.

Celebrating Cultural Diversity and Unity


Experience the vibrant cultural tapestry of India right in the heart of Ireland. The IIC hosts the largest India-related events, including India Day and Diwali, in partnership with OPW and Dublin City Council. Join us in celebrating these colourful festivities that highlight the rich heritage and cultural unity between our nations.

Here's What We Actively Do..

At the Ireland India Council, we offer a range of services aimed at fostering stronger ties between Ireland and India. Through networking initiatives, educational programs, and strategic commercial matchmaking, we strive to facilitate meaningful connections and collaborations between individuals, businesses, and organizations from both nations.

Building Stronger Connections


Our members are the backbone of a thriving intercontinental network. The IIC facilitates effective communication and interaction among businesses and professionals, enhancing relationships and creating new opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Supporting the Next Generation


We collaborate with educational institutes to create robust support mechanisms for Indian students in Ireland. By connecting Indian and Irish institutions, we foster academic excellence and cultural exchange, paving the way for future leaders and innovators.

Your Gateway to Cross-Country Business Success

Commercial Matchmaking

The IIC's Business Matchmaking Programme is designed to cultivate and nurture essential commercial relationships between India and Ireland. This platform is your key to discovering new partners, understanding & expanding your market reach, and achieving unprecedented business success.

Join the India Ireland Council today and become part of a dynamic community that drives business networking and matchmaking, celebrates cultural richness, and champions commercial and educational advancement. Together, let's forge stronger ties and create a brighter future.


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IIC Membership

The Ireland India Council offers membership to senior executives in business, industrialists, merchants, bankers, academics, and artists in Ireland and India. We also welcome professionals from legal, accounting, medical, and IT fields. Honorary memberships are given to prominent society members. With offices in Dublin and Meath, and representatives across Indian cities, we operate nationally.
Apply for membership to join a community fostering cooperation between Ireland and India.

Meet Ireland India Council Board

The board of Ireland India Council haave the real super powers foster the relations between the two countries in a good way.

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The Ireland India Council strengthens ties and promotes understanding between Irish and Indian communities, business leaders, and institutions, fostering future cooperation.


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