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Welcome to the Ireland India Science and Technology Forum, a premier initiative under the Ireland India Council. Since its inception in 2011, our Forum has been dedicated to fostering and enhancing collaboration in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Innovation between Ireland and India.

Our Mission

The Ireland India Science and Technology Forum acts as a catalyst to promote long-term scientific collaborations between Ireland and India. By facilitating partnerships among individual scientists, scientific institutions, and the broader scientific community, we aim to create a dynamic and productive environment for innovation and advancement.

Key Objectives

Activities and Events

Since our inception, we have organized a range of events and activities that bring together thought leaders and practitioners from both countries. Our key events include:

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We invite researchers, students, industry professionals, and policymakers to join us in our mission. There are several ways to get involved:

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Together, let’s harness the power of science and technology to build a better future for Ireland, India, and the world.

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The Ireland India Council strengthens ties and promotes understanding between Irish and Indian communities, business leaders, and institutions, fostering future cooperation.


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